Dear refugees


4. Juli 2016 von killesberger

IMG_3304Next Saturday, 9th of July, 2016, 10.15pm nearby your home in Landenbergerstr.67 you will hear some music and much more noises like bangs, rockets and shots. Take a look to the sky and you will see a lot of colourful flashes. PLEASE, DON’T BE AFRAID ABOUT IT. What you hear are only fireworks, because Stuttgart celebrates its traditional „Lichterfest“ in Höhenpark Killesberg. It’s peaceful and friendly, just to enjoy this summer night. And what you see and hear for one hour is only lightning by pyrotechnics. Please be so kind and tell it to your neighbours.



3 Kommentare zu “Dear refugees

  1. Ahmad_Alqaq sagt:

    Okay dear, don’t worry we’ll enjoy with you.
    We know a little bit of this celebrate but that’s enough to not be afraid.
    Frau Eiermann told us about it and what we have to do in this night.
    Thanks for your care and happy Lichterfest.
    Viel Spaß

  2. Ahmad_Alqaq sagt:

    Thank you dear for your care.
    Frau Eiermann told us about Lichterfest and we’ll try to enjoy with you.
    Happy Lichterfest and machen Spaß
    Viel Glück

  3. killesberger sagt:

    Thanks for your posts, Ahmad Alqaq,

    I hope you understand what I’m writing in this blog, because I publish it only in German language. Perhaps it’s a little possibility for you or others to read and learn some German.

    Have a good time: DER KILLESBERGER

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